The Surface Rights Board is a quasi-judicial tribunal that grants right of entry and assists landowners/occupants and operators resolve disputes about compensation when operators require access to private land or occupied crown land to develop subsurface resources such as oil, gas, and coal or to build and operate pipelines and power transmission lines.

Right of Entry
Frequently Asked Questions

Right of Entry Process

Maximize How does an Operator gain access to my land?
Maximize How will I know if an Operator has applied for a right of entry on my land?
Maximize I am the land owner and have signed an agreement with the Operator, why has it still applied for a Right of Entry?
Maximize The operator has applied for a Right of Entry Order; what can I do?

Objections to a Right of Entry Application

Maximize I am not in agreement with the operator about compensation; should I object to the right of entry application?
Maximize What is the Board’s role in granting right of entry?
Maximize Are Right of Entry Orders granted with conditions?
Maximize What is the legal effect of the granting of a Right of Entry Order?


Maximize If a Right of Entry Order is granted, do I only get the compensation rate shown in the operator’s last offer?
Maximize What happens if I reach an agreement of compensation after a Right of Entry Order has been granted?

Hearings Before the Board

Maximize What if I am unable to reach an agreement with the Operator?
Maximize Will communications with Board Administration be copied to the other side?
Maximize How does Disclosure work?
Maximize Who makes the Decisions for the Board?
Minimize I have been asked to give "submissions", what does that mean?
The Board is asking for your written opinions or arguments about the issue. See Hearing by Written Submissions for more information.


Maximize Can I hire someone to help me navigate the Board Process?
Maximize Is Board Administration available to assist parties?

Varying or Amending Orders

Maximize Is the Board Amending Order registered on the land title by the Board?
Maximize How many copies of the assignment does the Board require?
Maximize Is there a charge to assign a Board Order?
Maximize Does the Board provide forms for operator amendments and what documentation is required?
Maximize I have been asked to give “submissions”, what does that mean?
Maximize How do I amend or substitute the plan on a Board Order?
Maximize Can I amend a Public Utility Board Order?
Maximize Can I amend a Board Order to include the information from another Board Order; e.g. amalgamate the two Board Orders into one?
Maximize How long does it take for the Board to amend or vary an Order?
Maximize What information does the Board require to vary the rate of compensation if the parties reach an agreement?
Maximize A new rate of compensation has been reached between the parties and the agreement is not provided to the Board, and the operator later sells their interest to another operator, does that mean the new operator only has to pay the amount shown on the Order?
Maximize If the Board Order is not updated to reflect a new rate of compensation and I apply for rental recovery through section 36 of the Surface Rights Act, does that mean I can only get paid the amount listed on the Board Order?
Maximize Can I just email the information the Board requires, or do I need to send a hard copy?

Changing a Right of Entry Order

Maximize What if ownership changes over the life of the Right of Entry Order?
Maximize Are there any other changes that can be made to the Right of Entry Order or Compensation Order?
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